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Banyar Jagun

The Complete Collection

The Complete Collection

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Now Includes Produce Wash

Discover the power of nature's finest ingredients in our carefully curated eco-friendly cleaning and personal care collection. Inside this eco-conscious bundle, you'll find:

All Surface Cleaner - Native Kakadu Plum
Effectively cleans and refreshes surfaces with the invigorating scent of Kakadu Plum.

Bathroom Cleaner - Native River Mint
Banishes bathroom grime while leaving a minty-fresh aroma.

Multi-Purpose Degreaser - Botanical Citrus
Tackle tough grease and stains with the zesty power of botanical citrus.

Produce Wash
A potent and eco-conscious solution crafted to enhance the hygiene of your fresh produce.

Window Cleaner - Botanical Marjoram
Achieve streak-free, crystal-clear windows with the natural freshness of marjoram.

Hand & Body Wash - Ho Wood & Geranium
Gently cleanse your skin with the soothing blend of Ho Wood and Geranium.

Dishwashing Liquid - Mandarin & Lemongrass
Effortlessly remove grease from dishes while enjoying the invigorating scent of mandarin and lemongrass.

Toilet Cleaner - Vanilla & Neroli
Keep your toilet sparkling clean and smelling delightful with vanilla and neroli.

Floor Cleaner - Botanical Spearmint
Refresh your floors with the revitalising aroma of spearmint.

Disinfectant Spray - Hospital Grade
Ensure a clean and safe environment with our hospital-grade disinfectant spray.

Hand Sanitiser - Native Kakadu Plum
Stay protected on the go with the germ-fighting power of Kakadu Plum.

500mL ℮ 16.9 fl. Oz - reusable and recyclable bottles including triggers and pumps.

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