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3 Pack Antibacterial Fogger

A Clean Room

A Clean Room

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A CLEAN ROOM. is an antibacterial fogger used as a lock-down aerosol to disinfect high traffic rooms. As prevention is more effective than a cure, this product guarantees a safe working (and playing) indoor environment. Being 100% plant-based, the possibilities of use are endless.

- Dimensions (per can): 53 x 53 x 135.5 mm
- Net Contents (per can): 110g

The proprietary plant-based formulation has an antibacterial log reduction of 6, or 99.9999% bacterial kill rate, which is 1000x stronger than most disinfectants on the market which have a kill rate of only 99.9%.

Ingredients: Quaternary ammonium compound, plant-based surfactant derived from coconut oil, mineral salt solution (<1% sodium chlorite), fragrance (pineapple and coconut extract), filtered water.

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