Discover the True Power of Our Multi-Purpose Degreaser

Discover the True Power of Our Multi-Purpose Degreaser

Uncover the unparalleled effectiveness of our Multi-Purpose Degreaser, a revolutionary solution meticulously crafted to redefine your cleaning experience. Harnessing the potency of powerful citrus and botanical extracts, this innovative degreaser revitalises hard surfaces with remarkable efficiency.

Our degreaser stands out as a tailor-made surfactant, adept at lifting oil, grease, and other hydrocarbon soils without leaving a lasting emulsion. What sets it apart is its commitment to environmental responsibility. Completely biodegradable and compatible with all water separation systems, it exemplifies our dedication to a greener, sustainable future.

Designed for precision in delicate environments such as food production, hospitality, forestry, and marine sectors, our degreaser is free from harsh chemicals, hazardous substances, and toxic components. Embrace a plant-based, eco-friendly, and family-friendly solution with a pH-neutral formula that is both non-toxic and chemical-free.

Experience a new era of cleaning excellence with Banyar Jagun's Multi-Purpose Degreaser—a testament to our commitment to efficacy, safety, and environmental harmony.

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