Fruit & Veg - To Wash Or Not To Wash

Fruit & Veg - To Wash Or Not To Wash

Washing your fruit and veg takes only a couple of minutes and can work to clear away pesticides and any consumable pathogens that may have been transmitted by hand-germs, bacteria or even viruses. 

For many people, the thought of washing their produce when they get home from the supermarket has never even crossed their minds. However, a quick rinse under the tap before you eat your fruit is fairly common, yet totally ineffective.

Take the trusty apple… you know that one a day is supposed to keep the Doctor away - hear us out.

Generally produce is stacked in the supermarket by hand to merchandise the fruit and make it as appetising as possible. Then, once they’re stacked, many people like to pick up their fruit, inspect it and make sure it’s free from bruises and imperfections. 

Before that apple even reaches the supermarket, it has been picked and handled by numerous hands and maybe even exposed to pesticides. Even in a smaller, family grocery store, the person that stacks the apples could easily be the person that also handles the cash. 

Therefore the apple a day, that normally gets a quick rinse under the tap, may not keep the Doctor away after all.

What about pesticides? Pesticides can be harmful to humans, especially little ones. A produce wash is not only a reliable way to remove your everyday germs but also the nastier pesticides, ensuring your fruit and veg are ready for safe consumption.

Whether you’re a Masterchef, cooking enthusiast or an amateur in the kitchen, washing your fruit and vegetables with the Banyar Jagun Produce Wash takes only a couple of minutes and works to clear away pesticide and any consumable pathogen that may have been transmitted by hand- germs, bacteria or even viruses.

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